Monday, March 14, 2005

We all have Time Machines. The ones that take us back are called memories, and the ones that take us forward are called dreams.

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they never use. - Kirkegaard

Don't be afraid to become something that you are not. Always have trust in your ability to achieve great things, don't ever give up the belief. Continious effort - not strength or intelligence is the true key to unlocking our potential.

-A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages--quod me nutrit me destruit-

"The Ballet-Girls Are Right, The Death of That Poor Buquet Fellow Is Perhaps Not As Natural As People Think"

Always, remember: Although we yell, we yawn.

Am I Part Of The Art?

The essence of your ignorance is the aesthetic of my anarchy - (Amsterdam graffiti)

" Any who tells you size doesn't matter has been seeing too many small knives."

You pushed my back against the wall, and I broke it down.

"I cant go... i forgot how to fly"

I said I loved you
You said you cared
And when we were broken
What has love shared?

Why do you do the things you do and who do you do them for?

Most people believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet.

'Humans act first, think later and feel last of all'

I'll draw you a picture
I'll draw it with a twist
I'll draw it with a blade
I'll draw it on my wrist
If I draw it correctly a red fountain will appear
washing away my sorrows
washing away my tears

You can grab life by the horns, but it's still a bunch of bull.

"A word to the wise ain't neccessary, it's the stupid ones that need the advice":

In all of eternity, I wish to find the spoon to my fork.

Now what kind of an attitude is that, these things happen? They only happen because this whole country is just full of people, who when these things happen, they just say these things happen, and that's why they happen!

"Why does it always take some 'authority' to make me right? Why can't we just make ME the authority and cut out the middleman??" ~ Me, to my mom, after some study 'proved' what I already said.

I think that you might want to know the details and the factsBut there's something in my blood that denies the memory of the acts.

You etched your name into my heart, but you wrote in fading ink . . .

I have decided to be the little rabble rouser that I am, the lady who doesn't need cats to be crazy.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

The best kind of beauty: no one sees, but everyone feels.

Un peid près de ma coeur.

oliviainherhousemakes love foralivinghowdoyoumake love oliviacreate loveform love, mold loveshape lovewhat does love meando you sell it?how much do you chargefor love

Are you living vicariously through a plasma screen?

"I never have taken a picture I've intended. They're always better or worse." - Diane Arbus

WARNING: Intellectual masturbation causes mental nausea.

I don't know why he saved my life. Maybe in those last moments he loved life more than he ever had before. Not just his life, anybody's life, my life. All I could do was sit there and watch him die.

Q: What's One Thing A Duck And A Tricycle Have In Common? A: They Both Have Wheels, Except For The Duck!

Sarge:“Grif? If you see Lopez, tell him I forgive him. Tell him… he was like a son to me.”
Grif:“I thought Simmons was like a son to you?”
Sarge:“No offense Simmons. Lopez and I just understood each other better.”
Simmons:“Understood? He refused to speak English!”
Grif:“Yeah, and he ran away the first chance he got.”
Simmons:“And now he's trying to kill you with a remote controlled jeep.”
Sarge:”Ah… what a little rascal.”
Red vs. Blue

Think no one cares about you? Try skipping a few payments!

Why won't it snow, like they said it would?
What is it that they know, that I really should?

Since I have taken the path of art, it is like a kind of LSD trip-with no return.-H.R. Giger, 1984


The resolution is too small.

Why not let the sunlight blind me?
When all I have to see lies in my heart.

well once i gave a look to you, but you never gave it back.
so here i stand expressionless but my memory's in tact.

...So the man was left by himself, incomplete and all alone....

"Einstein was wrong! I'm the speed of LIGHT cracking though shivery atoms and God the Sky whirls and wither like a melting rainbow!"-Arkham Asylum

I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

“Though lovers be lost, love shall not. And death shall have no dominion…”

"Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it."Terry Pratchett.

"I've kissed the sun and I didn't burn."

"Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple."

Up now for seven days and wired,The concept of sleep is way too tired...

'Tis to create, and in creating live
A being more intense, that we endow
With what form our fancy, gaining as we give
The life we image.-Byron

"Ah... The Philly attidude: the ability to pull defeat from the jaws of victory."

"If one studies too zealously, one easily loses his pants." --Albert Einstein

I am the wicked specimen of sin with no profound logic to believe in. Hold me tight, but don't hold me close, I go where I desire...